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Jan 6 - Snow/Bruce On The Loose

January 6, 201535 min
Fun times on the show today It was a nice snow traffic mess Tuesday for everyone - We had our first real snow of the year which led to a lot of people driving with clenched butt cheeks this morning - The local news was out live watching PennDot trucks salt the roads and getting cold weather tips from the construction workers who use duct tape on their muck boots n'@ - Since every news station uses a weather/snow hashtag we decided to us the hashtag #LiveNudeCats was trending because we were asking people to share their drive times on twitter using it - The Celeb Sleeze Buzz Bang Pow featured celebrity marriage and biebs news - The premiere of the Bachelor was on last night...We really don't follow the Bachelor but wish he would just tell the girls all fighting for his attention ridiculous things - We have come to the conclusion after watching the preview of the final season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that Bruce Jenner is going to release an adult movie this year called "Bruce O

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