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July 1 - 100yr Old Pauline/Regatta Prev

July 1, 201526 min
USA USA USA The USWNT Is In The World Cup Finals USA USA USA!!!!! - 100 year old Pauline from Wilkes Barre loves the local beers...She told the local news that the key to her old age is that she drinks a lot of booze...So a local brewery sent over 3 cases to her and the news took video of her drinking and burping on the news...We love this woman - The 3 Rivers Regatta is this weekend... (Death Metal Voice) NO ONE IS READY FOR THREE DAYS OF MUSIC, FIREWORKS AND FUN ON THE RIVERS!!!!!! - According to the local and national news...No one is safe from fireworks this 4th of July...Cancel all the fireworks...Throw them all away....Even the ones you made in the garage "Uncle Thumbs" - Magic Mike XXL is out today... So many office ladies are going to take an extra long lunch and show back up at the office a sweaty mess

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