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July 14 - Mikey Didn't Make It

July 14, 201545 min
What a legendary start to the show...What a morning.... Mikey didn't make it this morning.... On the drive in to the station this morning Mikey started having stomach pains...he was far enough away from home that he thought he could make to the radio station and use the bathroom safely...Mikey was wrong...He made it to the radio station got out of his car...and boom...Mikey didn't make it any further he had to go back home and take a shower and change before the start of the show... - The Pirates players talking to the reporters at All-Star media day...A.J. Burnett telling reporters that Pittsburgh is his Gotham...YINZSPLOSION - We played back a video we found of a guy in Alaska who is feeding humpback whales and so overwhelmed with joy that he yells "Oh My God I Just S'--- Myself" it is hilarious - Justin Bieber should be ashamed of a lot of things he has done but his ass is not one of them...Never apologize for those cheeks Justin

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