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July 15 - Pirates All Stars / 1D Baby

July 15, 201528 min
Clap Clap Clap....Mikey made it to work today without going to the bathroom in his pants!!!! - The Pirates will not have home field advantage for the World Series the National League lost the All-Star game but Cutch hit a home run, Cole and Melancon had strikeouts pitching overall a great showing for the Pirates - One of the strangest things that happened during the All-Star game was when the MLB commissioner Rob Manfred was presenting Mike Trout his MVP bat award and wasn't really paying attention where he was dangling his bat trophy and he crotch tapped Erin Andrews. - Louis from One Direction is having a baby....NOOOOO WHYYYY NOOOOO....LARRY FANTASIES ARE RUINED FOREVER!!!! - Strange things are happening in Portland....Police are looking for someone who is tying sex toys together and tossing them up on power lines - Learned a life lesson this morning...Never invite a sweaty naked guy into your house - Mikey might have figured out what made him so sick that "He Didn't Make It" into w

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