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July 17 - PicklesBurgh

July 17, 201536 min
Friday what a celebration in the city this weekend wow PICKLESBURGH IS HERE!!!! A giant green 25 foot Heinz pickle is strapped to the 9th street bridge...Ahhhhhhh Shake That Pickle....Greatest City In The Wold - Betty, Marge and Hank the mailman were in rare form celebrating Picklesburgh weekend - It is only a matter of time before people find that perfect spot on the bridge or north shore where you can stand to have a "pickle crotch" or a kissing / licking the pickle pic...If you take a "special" pickle pic make you tweet it to us @FsMikey and @FSBigBob on twitter - The crazy Italian guy called us very excited about the pickle being in the greatest city in the world - Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole got engaged....Which is beautiful thing for everyone except for people on Facebook - Ohhh Gossip Gossip Emmy Nomination Talk Ohh Snubs And Gossip

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