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July 20 - Pizza-TacoBurgh / BirthCar

July 20, 201535 min
Starting the week a lil gassy wow - Pro Surfer Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark during surf competition this past weekend...He should have taken the Shark Lady's warning "THE OCEAN IS THE SHARKS HOUSE!!" - Pickleburgh was this weekend....1000s of people wandered downtown to eat pickle ice cream and take a pic with the giant 35 foot inflatable pickle...Dear Heinz next year it needs to happen... PizzaBurgh... then TacoBurgh....Please - Florida Turtle Shooting....Really Florida...A drunk go tried attacking two men trying to help sea turtle hatchling which led to a man getting shot in the ass...Really Florida - We talked about a video that is getting passed around everywhere...This woman experiences the miracle of child birth in a car as she's being driven to a hospital....she doesn't make it...and has the baby right in the passenger seat...The Husband/Boyfriend is so calm it is amazing...High Five Babe

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