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July 23 - Sharknado 3

July 23, 201530 min
Running a few hours of sleep because of SHARKNADO 3 "OH HELL NO" - Sharknado 3 didn't disappoint...The movie started out with President Mark Cuban and and fin running through the White House blasting sharks...Flying Sharks attacked a Nascar race...Frankie Muniz blew up himself to save everyone else at one point...Things got so bad they had to go to NASA to get David Hasselhoff aka Fin's dad to kill all the sharks from space with lasers...What a hero - Tara Reid is pregnant during Sharknado 3...She delivered the baby inside of a space shark falling back to earth and then cut her way out of the shark with her saw arm before she was crushed and it ended asking fans to tweet the hashtag #AprilLives or #AprilDies for Sharknado 4 - The Pirates lost to the Royals again...The Pirates have some injuries and the Royals are a very good team...According to the comments section on the Pirates FB page the season is over... Everlyone Should Be Banned - Katy Perry jumped in on the Taylor Swift/Nicki M

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