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July 27 - Steelers Super Fans / Ed Sheeran Sharts

July 27, 201527 min
Woooooo we were not live and will not be live from Steelers training camp in Latrobe... Nothing really ever happens at training camp...we all care so much about the Steelers that non-news stories are news from training camp...Breaking news oh my goodness did you see Antonio Browns car - WTAE nailed it talking to Steelers Super Fans coming from around the country to camp to see dere Steelers...They have giant 3 foot bobble heads...head tats...body tats...pure magic - Snoop Dogg was arrested in Sweden for WEED...HEY Sweden...Snoop Dogg smokes weed...tons of it...that is what he does...if you book Snoop Dogg for a concert expect it...don't sit outside and wait to arrest him....ALSO....Snoop Dogg...Don't be surprised when someone arrests you for smoking weed... - Mikey isn't the only one who has a story about a "bathroom accident"....Ed Sheeran was on a radio show in Dublin and told a story about one time when he was performing and fart was a lot more than a fart - We played one of the bes

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