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July 28 - Hot Weather Tips - Khloe Butt Cheeks

July 28, 201543 min
It is going to sweaty...swampy...moist...creamy...sticky...90 degrees today the local news has some life saving hot weather tips...like hey stay in air conditioning and drink some water - WTAE's Steelers fan coverage out at camp is outstanding...They found a man with a body full of Steelers themed tats...including the a sixburgh tramp stamp - Nick's Wedding Proposal Got Awkwardly Denied On The Bachelorette Finale....It was hilarious. - We had a man call to win HOSER tickets... He didn't know that HOSER had a baby taz tat so he lost sadly hahaha - Khloe Kardashian posed ass out on the cover of complex magazine...Then she sent out a special message to all the haters that didn't believe that ass was real - Our in depth award winning in the huddle Steelers training camp coverage is going to make you feel like you are at camp every morning

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