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July 31 - Sweaty For 1D / Pirates Turtle Sex

July 31, 201524 min
We started this wonderful morning sweaty for One Direction...The AC was out in the studio for some reason overnight and there is new music from 1D to start the morning...It is almost tooooooo much for our bodies to handle - Bump N Grind - Those bushes outside looked so damn good to 81 yr old Wallace Berg he couldn't control himself...Police in Connecticut caught performing fully naked performing a sex act on some of his bushes in his front yard - The Pirates got beat up pretty bad losing 15-5 to the Reds....Everyone is A Coach..Everyone is a GM....Everyone has the answers....Pirates Facebook Comments Were A MESS - The Miami Marlins pulled the ultimate troll move on the Nationals to get them back for playing elevator music during batting practice when they were in town a few games ago....The Marlins played long nasty fart noises during the Nationals batting practice before the game haha...This needs to be a thing and the Pirates need to play turtle sex noises for teams - A Florida man w

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