Mikey and Bob

June 18 - Nip Science/Bob Walk Ice Cream

June 18, 201530 min
We tired of the rain so we tried to use some nipple science that we learned over the years to get rid of this rain...Remember counter-clockwise nip rubbing prevents rain - The Pirates won again last night but the big winner was Bob Walk and his batting helmet full of ice cream...It is a shame that he is lactose intolerant and sat sweaty over a bucket for the rest of the game..Side note Bob Walk might be Randy Marsh from South Park - The internet is a strange place sometimes...We drifted down the earwax wormhole...The impacted earwax wormhole sooooo gross - Heyyyy Eileen from Blawnox gave us a call for the first time in a few weeks...First thing she wanted to talk about was Kid Rock of course and for those wondering she is getting tan like Hulk Hogan with the cocoa butter - The French environment minister is warning people to stop eating Nutella...What will Mikey paint Bobs body with if he can't us Nutella...Luckly Green Peace stepped in and gave approval for people to eat Nutella...Woo

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