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June 19 - Rolling Stones Wet Dad Denim

June 19, 201527 min
Bob had an interesting night at his house a bird got loose in his house through his chimney and fireplace...The bird flew through the house for a good 15 minutes before Bob's pure speed and reflexes allowed him to capture the bird and release it outside - Jon Stewart was brutally honest on The Daily Show after the South Carolina church shooting by telling his audience he had no jokes - The Pirates have been almost unstoppable since Sexual Donuts - Heinz Ketchup was forced to apologize after accidentally linking their QR code on the Heinz bottles in Germany to a porn site called Fundorado....What a treat - We always tell you guys that we are awkwardly sized people...TLC has a new show out called My Giant Life where they follow around a 6'9" woman...She is basically the same size as Mikey - Blake Anderson from 'Workaholics' was out of his mind promoting his new movie 'DOPE' on a TV morning show in Cincinnati...He dropped an F-Bomb and the news anchor freaked out hahaha - The Rolling Ston

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