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June 2 - Iggy Engaged / Meet Caitlyn

June 2, 201522 min
Hi.. - A lot has happened in the past few days...Kim and Kanye are expecting baby #2...The Vanity Fair with Caitlyn came out and now I-G-G-Y got engaged...Facebook might melt with all of the people leaving hot comments - Ed Sheeran talked about Pittsburgh on Fallon last night it really was a Yinzsplosion...He also did a bit with Fallon that was amazing singing covers of Iron Maiden, Limp Bizkit and Ty Dolla $ign - Congrats Caitlyn Jenner - Florida had two naked guy stories... Florida never disappoints - Taylor Swift loves us and Bob decided if he was one of Taylors cats he would be a fat cat that is so big it can sit like a human on the couch.

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