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June 22 - 1st Day Of Summer/Dick Oranges

June 22, 201535 min
FIRST FULL DAY OF SUMMER!!!! - Kentucky Police Are Looking For A Man Who Poured Milk On Himself And Ran Naked Through Walmart - A 49 Year Old Man Driving A Gold Convertible Named DICK ORANGES Was Arrested In Florida....DICK ORANGES - Kim Kardashian Announced On That Her And Kanye Are Having A Baby Boy...FACEBOOK Comments wow Facebook lost its mind - Taylor Swift is the most powerful person in all of music - Rough Weekend For The Pirates They Got No-Hit On Saturday And It Was Almost A Perfect Game If It Wasn't For Neck Lips Jose Tabata Getting Hit By A Pitch In The 9th Inning To Break-Up The Pefrect Game...After Getting Hit The Washington Nats Facebook Page Exploded - Creamy has now replaced Moist as the most disgusting way to describe weather.

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