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June 23 - Joe Manganiello Pittsburghese

June 23, 201518 min
Another Moist, Sticky, Swampy....Creamy Day In Pittsburgh Ew..... We threw it out yesterday to the local weather people on the tv stations that the first one to drop "Creamy" during a weather report will win our heart. Ashley Dougherty from WTAE snuck in a creamy mention - Joe Manganiello was on Seth Meyers last night and Seth always finds a way to work some Pittsburghese into the interview when he is talking to someone from Pittsburgh...Joe channeled his inner yinzer and didn't disappoint - Pittsburgh has lost the title to Green Bay...They are now the home of ultimate drunken country concerts...We played back some of the police scanner calls from the Kenny Chesney concert in Green Bay and they were unreal...Oh Oh No "He Dirtied His Pants" - O-H-I-O you made the show today....A Couple Was....Naked...Drunk Driving...And Eating Pizza...Ohio police arrested them - ARE YOUR SKINNY JEANS GOING TO KILL YOU????

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