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June 23 - Mac and Cheetos / Cleveland Parade Lady

June 23, 201650 min
The NHL Awards were last and they are by far the worst sports award show every year.... The standout highlight of the night was Michael Keaton who let everyone know about his love for the Penguins and Sidney Crosby - A Woman found a 14 foot snake in her bedroom at 4 a.m. noooooope - The wizards at Burger King have created MAC and CHEETOS - Congrats to the city of Cleveland on the parade yesterday.... From all of the reports we heard no one went to the bathroom in the middle of the street and there was actually enough porta-potties... clap clap clap... We were talking about how the city of Cleveland in general doesn't know how to have a parade i mean it has been 50+ years and for some reason a Cavs fan called up and was mad at us....

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