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June 24 - FLA Puss / Nickelback Canceled

June 24, 201518 min
The word to describe hot humid weather has become "Creamy" on the show.... So we threw it out to any local weather person saying if they include it in a report we will love them forever... Ashley Dougherty from WTAE worked it in first talking about sun screen and then yesterday Scott Harbaugh on WPXI talked about it being Soupy and Creamy outside...beautiful - The local news is all over these new weevil bugs that look like ticks trying to freak people out...It could be worse though we could be FLORIDA... They are currently under attack with poisonous Puss Caterpillars...Only Florida - Summer is ruined you guys... Nickelback canceled their tour...Whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy - A man used a BURRITO during a road rage attack in Florida - Oh my goodness office ladies chocolate prices could soon being going up because of a chocolate shortage ohhhh god - Only in Florida does a drunk person in trailer park get in a fight over chicken and biscuits

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