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June 26 - Regatta / Fireworks Danger

June 26, 201532 min
Mike was getting work done on his car so Bob gave him a ride into work....It was a real adventure that included awkward smells, dry heaving and a sasquatch....Can't even make that up - Bump And Grind - We previewed the (Death Metal Voice) 3 Rivers Regatta!!!!!!!!!!! - It is that time of year...The local and national news are going to lite things on fire and blow things up with fireworks...This morning the Today show was blowing watermelons up with homemade explosives and comparing sparklers to a blowtorch.. 4th of July Fireworks...No one is safe - We got another preview of KidzBop 29...We love comparing the edited KidzBop version to the original song...Today it was "Sugar" by Maroon 5 and it wasn't even close haha - Someone took a picture of clouds of Virginia...It kinda looks like Michael Jackson dancing...Kinda... We wanted Biggie and Pac clouds - Morning Shows all around the country use things called "Radio Prep Services"...The shows PAY these prep services for daily jokes, top 10

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