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June 9 - Donut Delivery / Hot Dog Pizza

June 9, 201523 min
Somehow we missed National Best Friends Day.... We could have seen each other naked for the first time... We blew it. - Dunkin Donuts is changing the game...They are testing Dunkin Donuts delivery and mobile ordering and hopefully it will be in Pittsburgh sometime soon so we never have to put pants on again to get donuts - IGGY canceled her performance at Pittsburgh Pride this weekend..Now hopefully everyone can come together at Pittsburgh pride and have fun without having to worry about Iggy ruining all the fun - (Kim Kardashian Voice) Ehhhhhhh It Was Kanyesssssssssssss Biirrrrrthddaaayyy ehhhhhhhh - There was a pig spill in ohio... 2200 piglets escaped from a truck after it overturned on a highway outside of Cincy - Aunt Barb went to happy hour and had the meat sweats... she got naked and accidentally drove through the front door of Kohls - Pizza Hut is unleashing Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza USA USA USA!!!

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