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Mar 23 - Taxidermy / Man Massage

March 22, 201519 min
Good Looking Monday - We spent the weekend at 7 Springs and knew it was time to stop drinking on Friday night when we ended up in a ballroom full of taxidermy - We have a few injured Pittsburgh sports superstars.....Cutch has been out with an injury in Spring Training...Malkin and Hornqvist and both man down for the Penguins....We offered up our man massage services aka "Gentle and Strong" - Florida was doing Florida things all weekend ... They had Poo painting, A man hiding under the bed and an officer who let a woman drive his cop car to hooters a few times - James Harrison re-signed with the Steelers...We got to do one of our new favorite things on the show... Read angry Facebook comments - WVU is playing Kentucky in the sweet 16...Hide the couches

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