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Mar 24 - Horrible Tattoo / OJ Shooting

March 23, 201512 min
Tuesday....Hello - Came into the studio and it smelled like hot meat....Mystery meat which might actually be a mystery creature who is stuck in the vents - Redfoo from LMFAO was the first person sent home on DWTS....Being the first person sent home is so shameful....Why America WHY!!!!! - All of our Magical Pens/Pirates man massage talk might actually be working... Cutch is back in the line-up for the Pirates and their is a chance that Geno might play for the Penguins. "Soft And Gentle" is ready to heal you - A man who was dating a woman named "ISIS" 4 years ago and got an ISIS lip tattoo...So he showed everyone he worked with at Home Depot his super cool "ISIS" tattoo and they fired him...Worst tattoo ever - A man in Louisiana shot his son in the butt cheek because he almost finished off all of the orange juice in the house

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