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Mar 25 - Pgh Goats / FLA Naked TwanNado

March 24, 201522 min
HAPPY WEDNESDAY... - Smelled like breakfast sausage again in the studio...Real meaty boys in the studio - Pittsburgh might be changing their zoning laws so people can "Rent-A-Goat" to eat grass on your lots around the city....We need goats in the studio - IGGY got a boob job...She admitted her boobs are fake but the interviewer didn't her about her giant ass being real or fake seems fishy....We do know one thing those lyrics are straight from her heart and so real...REAL HIP HOP....HATERS...Side note: We wonder how Iggy wipes and if she possibly scoots like a dog on the carpet - Florida stories on the show this morning...A man and woman had sex in a car next to a playground when their car door flew open in front of the kids annnnnnnd Florida has a naked man named Twan ripping apart a neighborhood aka the TwanNado hit the neighborhood - The Jon Hamaconda just got out rehab - Vin Diesel is drinking brown liquor with Kanye - The 50 shades of grey unrated DVD is coming out soon hopefully i

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