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Mar 27 - Turtle Sex-Poo Eater

March 27, 201513 min
Happy Friday Friends - Let time heal those Zayn Pains 1D fans...We started the show with a little Bump and Grind - The Pens lost to Carolina and Sid seemed a little annoyed in his post-game talk with the press...We decided to take a look at the Penguins Facebook Comments one of our new favorite things to do on the show - We played a video from Nat Geo of a man who broke up a turtle love making session on an island in the Indian Ocean...The turtles were so mad they went after the guy....The noises are priceless hahaha - A man in Cali who robbed a bank was in court on the witness stand when he started to eat his own poo....He told the judge the Virgin Mary told him to do it all - A man named Michael DICK the infamous serial flasher in Oregon has been caught by the local police.

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