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Mar 30 - iHeartRadio Music Awards

March 30, 201519 min
Oh Happy Monday - TV Overload last night Wrestlemania, Pens Game, iHeartRadio Music Awards and The Walking Dead on all at once...It was a lot - Taylor Swift was the big winner at the iHeartRadio Music Awards...She also did some awkward "Sweep The Leg" Taylor Swift dancing in front Snoop Dogg - Jamie Foxx actually did a pretty good job hosting....Just randomly yelling "Baking Soda!!! I Got Baking Soda!!!" He did tell a Bruce Jenner joke that he is getting some backlash for but for the most part he kept things moving and was decently funny - Justin Timberlake squeeeeeee we love you... He won the iHeartRadio innovator award and had a great speech but Andy Samberg had the Justin Timberlake moment of the night with his "Sexy Back" story - There was a fight on the South Side this past weekend which isn't breaking news...However police arrested one guy who had two bags of frozen food down his pants - Florida ohhhhh Florida we love you ... A man went through the Wendy's drive-thru and starte

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