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Mar 31 - Bieber Roast / Salsa Stabbing

March 31, 201525 min
Happy Tuesday - The Bieber Roast was last night on Comedy Central and it was hilarious....honestly 100% funnier than i thought it would be...Justin Bieber even had some jokes at the very end for everyone...Not sure that this special helped Justin Bieber look like he was sorry or growing up or whatever he was trying to accomplish with this it kinda felt like he was the same douche when they finished as he was when they started...There were some uncomfortable cringeworthy jokes but the big winner of the night was Martha Stewart her 5-6 minutes that she did were unreal...Martha wasn't holding back and no one was safe up there - The Naughty Boy vs One Direction Beef Is Real....Shots have been fired - O-H-I-O had an amazing story this morning... A woman stabbed her boyfriend because she was eating too much salsa - Found a story out of FLORIDA about a drunk man...who took a taxi....to rob a bank...the police arrested him. - McDonalds announced that they are testing an all-day breakfast menu

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