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March 15 - Therapy Sloths - Bachelor Finale

March 15, 201637 min
Bob went to Monday Night Raw last night at Consol with his 6 year old son Jack who was so pumped he could have shot bottle rockets out of his body at any point - Big voting day in the U.S. today... Ohio and Florida we are looking at you... Florida yes Florida your vote matters today - A creeper in Nashville broke into a house to save his wife..... Taylor Swift - The finale of the Bachelor was last night and just so everyone knows LOVE IS REAL... Ben told JoJo he was in love with her BUT in love with Lauren more...Ohhh Damn....Then he picked Lauren B and it was Beeeeeautiful - Portland has Therapy Llamas and Alpacas that wander the streets cheering people up which can only mean one thing Pittsburgh needs Therapy Sloths... In costumes

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