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March 4 - Fish Fry Friday / Philly Hockey Granny

March 4, 201648 min
Huuuuge win for the Pens last night over the Rangers... Geno tells Potash "Stay Hot" - Florida was all over the place...A 9 foot gator ended up in someones pool AND a naked man ended up taking a lot of drugs and then a number 3 in someones bathtub - The local news in Philly decided it was a good idea to put on an 80 year old granny who threw her bra on the ice after a hat trick the other day... Granny goes on to talk about her thong panties and offering the old Flyers goalie sex acts...all live on the news - FISH...FRY...FRIDAY!!!!!!! Who will come away with the championship belt... (Stone Cold Music) Who has the greatest/best/biggest FISH SANDWICH in the Pittsburgh area!!!

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