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May 1 - Carl vs Bear / Camel Mating

May 1, 201535 min
Happy Friday - Bobs crotch has returned to normal temps for those wondering - Starts the morning with a lil Bump "N" Grind followed by a Nsync "It's gonna be...May" in honor of May 1st - The Steelers drafted Bud Dupree a linebacker from Kentucky no one knows if this guy is going to be great in the pros or just horrible..Actually we took a look at the comments section on the Steelers Facebook page and the people on Facebook think they know...Oh it was a mess - A 73 year old man named Carl punched a bear in Sacramento .... BOOM - If you are running the marathon this weekend we have a little freestyle about lube, your nipples and privates...for your safety - Morning Shows all around the country use things called "Radio Prep Services"...The shows PAY these prep services for daily jokes, top 10 lists, fake listener emails, fake boyfriend and girlfriend cheating stories and a bunch of other fake crap that most morning shows do...Anyways we got username and password for a free trial so we haa

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