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May/ 12 - FreeTomBrady/Red Lobster Fight

May 12, 201523 min
Started the morning the right way... Bob toook time out of his morning and put in on Mike - Tom Brady was suspended four games because of his balls and because he cooperate with the investigation....The Pats owner, Toms agent, some players and Donald Trump all released statements or sent tweets crying about Tom being suspended Whhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! - Our buddy DJ Bonics just started doing a podcast and he posted a interview from 2008 with Wiz before "Black and Yellow" before the record the deals and everything else...Wiz also did a rap intro for Bonics radio show that our boss at the time wouldn't let Bonics use...Listen to it for the first time ever - Olive Garden is changing the game with new Breadstick Sandwiches - On Mother's Day there was a fight at Red Lobster in Georgia #PrayForTheCheddarBayBiscuits - A group of guys in New York robbed a burger restaurant and left a trail of macaroni salad the police followed to arrest them...

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