Mikey and Bob

May 14 - Picklesburgh / Monroeville Bear

May 14, 201515 min
Bob started off the morning sweaty with an emergency trip to the bathroom - There is a baby bear named Bernard roaming around Monroeville... The bear loves tater salad and marshmallows and so do office ladies... So hopefully some office lady doesn't end up in the bear trap they are loading full of treats to catch the baby bear - Pittsburgh is becoming Picklesburgh this July and they are putting a 35 foot pickle on the 9th street bridge for people to take pics with...We Can't wait for people to find the exact spot they need to stand to take an epic 35 foot green weenie pic. - We really want to throw pulled pork sandwiches off of the roof with Mark Madden from 1059 The X - What a game changer...A new Taco Bell in Chicago applied for to sell liquor and beer and once it is successful in one restaurant you know they will take it all over the country...It needs to happen...We want to have our adult birthday parties at Taco Bell

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