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May 15 - Toilet Naps / Pollen Vortex

May 15, 201526 min
Oh Happy Friday - We Started off the morning taking toilet naps…Mikey had to use the bathroom before the show and feel asleep for a good 20 minutes and woke up in a sleepy toilet panic - Pray for Harry Styles Crotch … The boys from One Direction were on the James Corden show … James played dodgeball with them and Harry took a hard one to the crotch… Only Shaq, Us and a bottle of gold bond can save you Harry Styles - Last Week we were being attacked by a Pollen Tsunami!!!!!! This week the local news is telling us we are in the Pollen Vortex!!!! Trees!!! Grass!!! Snot!!! - The Deflategate stuff is just out of control…It has somehow turned into a fat guy talking about himself Deflating or losing weight that is why he called himself the “Deflator" and now they are timing a guy peeing saying it should only take one minute and forty seconds and that isn’t enough time to take air out of balls….Its Now Deflategate/Urinategate - Some animal who must love pooping while traveling on the turnpike

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