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May 19 - The Bachelorette / Wiz Karaoke

May 19, 201528 min
The season premiere of the Bachelorette was on Monday night...Britt and Katelynn are the two Bachelorette are they have to go through this group of turds to find a "husband" or whatever happens on these shows...The guys on the show include a "Sex Coach" who explained butt stuff...Tony who kisses his plants goodbye and Ryan who was all horned up and got sent home night one for being to drunk....You never want to be the guy that goes home on the first night. - The Taylor and Katy beef continues...Taylor Swfit is modern day Tupac - We talked to DJ Bonics randomly about Karaoke and how him and wiz tour the world have never have done Karaoke...So we started getting calls from Uncles about a place where they do "Bareaoke" which is Karaoke at a strip club. - Florida did some Florida stuff...A man tried to go to the airport annnnnd take a trip on a plane in his briefs...The cops used the taser on him and believe he may have been on drugs.

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