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May 21 - Letterman Goodbye / Yinzclusive

May 21, 201524 min
We gave it 100% today - It was the final show for David Letterman and it seemed like Dave wasn't into all of the tributes and tears that people have cried over the past week or so over him retiring. - The Pedro Boat Baseball is the biggest Yinzer story on the news in a long time...A story that only people in Pittsburgh might.....might.....might care about and the local news station are all trying to get their Yinzclusive interviews with the boat owner and the guy that has the ball. - A 40 year old woman over by Philly attacked her 80 year old boyfriend with a hacksaw and model plane after trying to rip his pants off...This honestly sounds like a story that should have happened in Florida - A sweet 16 party had poo rained on it from a plane that decided to empty their bathroom tanks in mid-air...Splat - In Charlotte a man was trying to make his flight to Jamiaca but he was a little bit late...He argued with the rep in the airport and then decided to get butt ass naked...What a travel tr

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