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May 28 - Giant Grouper / Mini Me Farts

May 28, 201512 min
It was hot and gross and humid in the studio again to start our morning out....All we want is AC in the studio annnnd a bidet - Florida was doing Florida things... A man tried to shoplift assault rifles by sticking them down his pants. - Also in Florida a man caught a 500+ pound grouper and made hilarious noises while trying to reel the fish in - Hines Ward and his wife were one celebrity wife swap last night with Verne Troyer and his girlfriend for the most part it was scripted but there was one point where things got real when Hines wife tried to decorate Verne's man cave/game room - Another high school Senior prank went wrong in North Carolina....What happened to the good ole days when someone would just turn the football field into a giant man part.

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