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May 4 - No Pants / Marathon Nipples

May 4, 201523 min
The first Monday all year that we are not wearing pants...Bob was looking thick in all the right places...It is supposed to be over 80 degrees out which means if you are playing sports today put on those ball shorts. - May the 4th...Be...With...You... - Teen fights closed down Kennywood early this weekend... No clue how the local news didn't talk to "Dale from Uniontown" who you know spent all day at Kennywood on the Log Jammer - The best part about the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight on Saturday might have been their entrances. Pacquiao had Jimmy Kimmel walk to the ring with him...Kimmel was dressed as Justin Bieber which was priceless...Mayweather had Justin Bieber walk him to the ring a few times, Bieber was there for this fight too, but in the background as....no joke....the Burger King....walked Floyd to the ring. - The Avengers had a huuuuuge weekend...The second biggest opening weekend of all time...We both saw it and got sweaty - A man in Seattle...tried to dunk himself...He climbed

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