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May 5 - Cinco de Mayo / Kennywood Dale

May 5, 201518 min
Happy Cinco de Mayo...Some lady i your office today is going to wear a sombrero - Betty, Marge and Hank the mailman celebrated in the office today - Kennywood announced new security measures. They are adding more West Mifflin police officers both in uniform and plain clothes annnnnnnnd they are thinking about bringing back a chaperone policy. Kennywood really needs to go get Dale from Uniontown - A drunk guy out by Harrisburg really wanted free pizza...He grabbed a few pizzas from Papa Johns and tried to run...Police found him hiding in a bush - A councilman at a city council meeting in Georgetown Texas excused himself to go to the bathroom but forgot to turn his mic off. The mayor begins to speak and then starts to lose it when she hears the stream....Haha wait for the flush - We Ended The Show With A Very Special "Rock Out With My Guac Out" Freestyle

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