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May 6 - Turkeys In Heat / Pirates Song

May 6, 201544 min
Happy Wednesday - The fog outside this morning was wild...At times it was so thick you couldn't see in front of your car which is always dangerous but what made it extra dangerous out on those roads this morning was the horny turkeys that are out because it is mating season... - The Kardashians are airing a two part special about Bruce and a few clips came out online...We fully support Bruce 100% and it is actually going to be interesting to see how these specials go with the family - Morning Shows all around the country use things called "Radio Prep Services"...The shows PAY these prep services for daily jokes, top 10 lists, fake listener emails, fake boyfriend and girlfriend cheating stories and a bunch of other fake crap that most morning shows do...Anyways we got username and password for a free trial so we had to try it...What a mess - A Man With Special Needs Was Attacked In Shippensburg Over His Love For The Steelers..His Name Is Ralph And Hopefully With The Help His Friends An

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