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Nov 10 - Wet Deer Freestyle / Oprah's Favorite Things

November 10, 201538 min
A wet rainy start to the show...Everyone driving is slowing down before the tunnels and those deer out there ohhhh boy are they wet and horny this morning - It is Bieber week on the Ellen Show and his new album is out this week so he is doing everything he can to promote it sooo Ellen started talking to him about his dong pics...And then Ellen hit the music and they danced woooo Ellen is terrific - A couple high out of their mind called 911 multiple times and told them Possums and people were jumping off of their fridge...Worms were coming out of their floor...People wearing camo were outside of the house...Police showed up and found them high on something just like bath salts...Stay off the hard drugs kids - A Florida police officer who was set to get an award from MADD for his DUI arrest record at a DUI training session was too drunk to get his award...Also in Florida a woman tried to assault her husband with a toilet seat...These are things that only happen in Florida - We Gave A Li

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