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Nov 12 - Kim K's Ass/Wild Church Service

November 12, 201416 min
Wednesday on the show we had some good times and talked about - Kim Kardashian's oiled up bare-assed and champagne glass on the ass magazine covers "Broke The Internet" - We played a clip of a wild church service where a man grabbed the mic started yelling how he "doesn't like mens no more" and of course the internet already had a remix of it. - No one asked Coach Tomlin about Justin Bieber. We think there is a good chance Coach Tomlin was day dreaming about Justin Bieber on the sideline. - Florida.... And only in Florida a man tried to buy a prostitute with a chicken meal - No Full Frontal in 50 Shades Of Grey - Al Roker announced that he is going to host a Rokerthon to try to break a world record by doing a 34 hour live weather report...Hope he doesn't crap his pants.

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