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Nov 15 - Sexiest Man Alive - Ramen Noodle Fight

November 15, 201641 min
Bruno Mars is coming to Pittsburgh...Win tix all this week around 730a and 830a - (Office Lady Voice) Oh Goodness Betty my nipples are sweating... The Rock is the sexiest man alive and he is all wet on the cover of People Magazine - Two Florida men got into an argument and when things got heated the Ramen Noodles started to fly - Mr Black Friday is already camped out at Best Buy - A rapping robber showed up in a kitchen in Idaho...He didn't steal anything and when the woman who lived in the house heard the ghost of tupac in her kitchen she came out of her bedroom and asked the rapping man to leave and he did... Police were called and that man rapping in a strangers kitchen was on meth and he ended up being arrested... Stay off the hard drugs friends

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