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Nov 16 - Big Ben Beats The Browns / Pens Facebook Comments

November 16, 201555 min
What a game for the Steelers...A 30-9 win over the Browns... Landry Jones was our starting QB vs the Browns but he didn't even last a quarter before going down with an injury... In comes Big Ben who was the "In Case Of Emergency" Back Up....Earlier this week was hobbling around in a boot and on crutches... Big Ben threw for an NFL record almost 400 yards off the bench with 3 TDs... Antonio Brown was doing Front Flips all is good in Steeler Nation on this Monday - Oh oh noooo... The Penguins lost the last two games after winning 9 of the last 10... So it is time to trade everyone... Fire the coaches... Rip the C off of Crosby... and anything else the people on Facebook want to do this team - Gobble Gobble - A woman in Chicago had all you can eat pancake rage because she couldn't share her pancakes...leading us to discover Denny's has $4 all you can eat pancakes...What a gift - Circus Zebras got loose and escaped in West Philadelphia running the streets... They ended up at a KFC and Plan

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