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Nov 17 - Eileen And Stephanie

November 17, 201421 min
Love you guys... Monday was such a fun show - Happy Hunger Games Week. - Mikey wanted to pee in his sink for some reason because he was home alone. - Dave Bondy made a new friend that wanted to do snow angels this morning during his live shot on WPXI. - Then we got a call from a new friend to the show named Stephanie she was angry about Taylor Swift tickets being so much. She was ranting that Taylor isn't Michael Jackson but maybe she can moon walk in lipstick and a light glittery glove. She kept going ranting about charity, Ellen DeGeneres and a Taylor Swift toothbrush for two grand. - Then Eileen gave us a call. At first Eileen was yelling about this new lady that called but by the end of the call it seems like they could almost be friends. They both combined powers and were ranting about social security and money. .... ... Enjoy

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