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Nov 19 - Pittsburgh Cat Ladies - Roadkill Graffiti

November 19, 201538 min
What a strange start to the morning... The power went out at the station and nothing was working... computers were down... printers were down... But Mikey was almost on the trapped on the toilet when the power went down... No lights complete darkness wiping in the dark nightmares...Side note if we ever get stuck in the elevator when the power goes out we will make bathroom in it. - Spaghetti Cat Cat Cat Cat - Someone is collecting, spray painting and leaving roadkill for the striking teachers in Peters Township... Someone even tossed a squirrel gernade - We have played a ton of Florida stories however... this one might be the sickest... A drunk woman took a nap in a grease dumpster outside of a resort and then didn't want to get out when the police came....BARF - Pittsburgh Ranks Third For Single Cat Ladies in U.S. Time To Celebrate Cat Ladies ... We Had To A Little Cat Lady Freestyle

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