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Nov 20 - Christmas Toy Danger / New R.Kelly Album

November 20, 201544 min
We started the show with a little Bump n' Grind - It is light up night in the city...We are a little over a week away from Stuff A Bus and 3WS is playing Christmas music - The news is already off and running with Christmas Toy danger stories...From Ninja Turtle toys to Hoverboards NO ONE IS SAFE!! - Word is the Penguins were blasting Justin Bieber "What Do You Mean?" Last Night After Their Win...Hopefully Geno is a Belieber and they let him pick the song... - R.Kelly has a new album coming out in December called "The Buffet" With songs on it like Backyard Party, Marching Band and SEX TIME!!! So we sang what we thought the songs would sound like...Real Sexy

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