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Nov 3 - Mountain Lion Wrestling / Pittsburgh Flakka

November 3, 201538 min
The time change and horny deer messed up everything this morning... Bob almost got taken out by a horny deer on the way to work he had to swerve out of the way to avoid the horny beast and Mikey was nodding off and not really paying attention on the ride in and ended up downtown... - A Man in his underwear attacked a mountain lion that tried to attack his dog in California... That mountain lion escaped and is never coming back... - It is sweeps week which is just a treat.. Big scary news teases all week....Today we had our first story about the Florida Flakka and how it has made its way to Pittsburgh possibly... Or it is possible that it could make its way to Pittsburgh... Either way PARENTS BEWARE!!!! - A drunk lady in Omaha thought it would be a great idea to pet a tiger.... So she broke into the zoo and stuck her hand into the tiger cage... That was a horrible idea... Just like the strip club the zoo has the same rules... No touching the dancers at the strip club... No touching the

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