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Oct 1 - Pirates Fan Shout Outs / Steelers Office Monkeys

October 1, 201548 min
We were at the Pirates game last night it was sad...The Pirates lost to the Cards and the Cards locked up the Division last night... So it is going to be another year in the Wild Card game... - A dude who got on the wrong stuff was wandering around naked and bloody outside in LA....You gotta stay off those crazy drugs kids - Betty, Marge and Hank The Mail .... The Office Monkeys celebrated Ravens Week In the office - The Pirates split the double-header yesterday with the Cards officially knocking them out of the chase for the division and locking up their wild card spot.... Facebook was pumped that the team has 96 wins and is going to play that wild card game next Wednesday.... Just kidding everyone is complaining on Facebook because Facebook is a horrible place where people are never happy - They we got a call from a guy who has been calling for the past few weeks about the buccos he told us the Pirates are gonna "Whoop Dat Ass" and wanted to give a shout out to Andrew Mc"Clutch"en an

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