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Oct 14 - Pens 0-3 Start / FLA Wheelchair DUI

October 14, 201557 min
The Penguins are starting 0-3 for the first time since the Crosby rookie season years and years ago... The Penguins Facebook comments section is a deep dark place where everyone should be FIRED, TRADED, BENCHED or RELEASED!!! - Sad news about Lamar Odom we know him from his career in the NBA but a lot of people know his story from the Kardashians... He was found Unconscious at Nevada Brothel and rushed to a hospital...He has had a rough life drugs and death in his family you just hope for the best for him. - A Woman in Florida decided it was a good idea to periscope her drunk driving ride home from a night at the bar... Florida Woman. - Trump is hosting SNL in November with musical guest Sia hopefully Sia has trump in one of those spandex body suits doing interpretative dance like Maddie Ziegler - A Florida man got a DUI riding his electric scooter wheelchair - We also learned that in Florida they have "Silver Alerts" for older folks who may wander from home....Mikey did ignore a "Brow

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