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Oct 21 - Back To The Future Day / Scooter DUI

October 21, 201527 min
Happy Back To The Future Day...Ohhhh Everyone get naked...Yo Nike Where Are Those Auto Lacing Back To The Future Mags...We Are In The Future Nike You Better Deliver Self Tying Laces Today!! - It Is Landry Jones Time Steelers Fans!!! Coach Tomlin Announced At His Press Conf Landry Was The Starter Because Ben Was - A Florida Man who was hiding in the bushes outside of a convenience store told police he was the Alpha and the Omega and the creator...Then he tried to hide even deeper in the bushes and police were not amused...However if there was a place for the Alpha and the Omega and creator to appear on Earth it would be Florida - A Georgia man got a DUI after driving his electric granny scooter to the grocery store after having a drrrrrrinkkkk - A Guy in Indy high out of his mind lit his ex girlfriends house on fire and then started to dance...He danced and danced and danced before police used a stun gun on him and scooped him off the roof with the fire truck ladder basket.

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