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Oct 30 - Freak Show Pens Section

October 30, 201552 min
The Freak Show Pens Section was amazing last night..The Penguins won..We had 100+ people in costume going wild with us in section 120... So many chants... So much yelling...A "Why Are You Leaving Chant" For People Leaving Early... We even got the wave going... What a great night - We started the show with a sketchy bump n' grind - Justin Bieber walked off of stage in Norway because someone spilled water on stage and he tried to clean it up and then couldn't take it because "It has been a rough week for him" yuck... Bieber is such a douche...Any normal person who is working hard in their job/life can take Justin Bieber seriously - Parents Beware: This is a little different... Parents make sure the masks kids are wearing have big "EYE HOES"... - Betty, Marge and Hank the Mailman celebrated Halloween in the office

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