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Oct 5 - Kang Fantasies / Pirates Blackout Chants

October 5, 201546 min
Ahhhhh we have to wait until Wednesday for the Pirates to play the Cubs....It is going to be a long couple of days. - We have this fantasy of Jung Ho Kang making his PNC park return on a granny scooter (vroooom) or on the back of the Pirate Parrots motorcycle with the USA and South Korean flags waving as he zooms out to the mound for the first pitch in the wild card game and people lose their minds....Fantasy Fantasy - Jay Hay, Cutch and pretty much every other Pirates player are calling for a PNC Park blackout on Wednesday at this point they shouldn't even have to ask it should just happen - We had the Cueto chant which is a moment in Pirates history... A moment people will talk about 20-30 years from now... Ever since then we have been searching to re-create that moment again with a chant of some kind...Do people chant Arrieta...Jake...Jakey....Sugar Nips...Or Just Areola haha - Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta fueling the fire on twitter tweeted it doesn't matter to a Pirate Parrot account

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